Monday, August 24, 2009

A shorter path to Easy Street?

I learned from Robert Stuberg* that the only acceptable reason to abandon your dream is the birth of a better idea.

I've abandoned several plans in the course of my life. The first one was a dud: a religious conversion in my teens turned out to be just an excuse to hide under the bed for a couple of decades – which is why you didn't hear about me twenty years ago.

Another religious conversion finally freed me to follow my conscience and my heart, so the changes I've made since then have been course corrections rather than dead ends. I've been homing in on the beacon fired by my appetite for mystery and service.

As I proceed on my course, I begin to suspect that the path to Easy Street is shorter than I thought.

When I first began working with the Law of Attraction, I was inspired to dream big; to call into my life exactly what I wanted in a house, a vocation, what have you.

But as the road opens up, I begin to suspect that it's shorter than I thought. I don't mean to say that it's easier; just that I'm getting so much joy out of my rickety mobile home that I may not need my own replica of the Gamble House after all.

If I can deliver solid service to my clients, maybe I don't need worldwide fame.

Maybe an annual trip to my mentor's place is as much fun as trips to Europe.

Maybe my little garden is as much fun as an antique collection (but I really need a few nice pieces of furniture and art glass for proper comparison, I think).

*By the way, try to get Creating Your Ultimate Destiny used if you can.


Lori-Ann Locke said...

wow, what an awesome blog. So glad to have found you!

Miss Michaele said...

Hey, I shifted my blog over to WordPress -- accessible at my website, Still awesome, if I do say so myself :)